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Terms & Conditions


The application and the use of the Skechers Membership program are subjected to the following terms and conditions:



The Terms defined and used herein shall have the following definitions as indicated: -

1. “The Company” – Refers to Skechers Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

2. “Application” – Refers to the process completed and submitted by the applicant, in order to become a Skechers Member within the Skechers Membership program.

3. “Membership” – Skechers Membership program.   

4. “The Member” – Refers to the Skechers Member who has agreed to all terms of use upon signing up with this Membership program.

5. “Membership Tier” – Refers to the various Membership Tiers within the Skechers Membership program.

6. “Points” – Refers to the Points earned or redeemed by using The Membership.

7. “Transaction” – Refers to the purchase transacted on Skechers merchandise by Skechers Member at any Skechers Participating Stores.

8. “Participating Stores” – The Company acknowledges and accepts the Skechers Membership privilege at selected participating Skechers Concept Stores, Skechers City Outlet stores and Outlet stores in Malaysia, except Skechers Consignment Counters, Shop-in-Shops, Multi-brand Shops, temporary pop-up stores/fairs or at Department Stores. The Company reserves the right to make changes to the list of Participating Stores from time to time. For the full list of the participating Skechers stores please click here.



1. The Skechers Membership program is a free Membership by choice and The Membership is not for sale.

2. Only one (1) Membership sign-up per person is allowed.

3. A valid email and Malaysian mobile number is required in order to apply for The Membership on The Member portal.

4. By signing up for The Membership, any Points or Vouchers accumulated from the previous Skechers Membership scheme will no longer be valid nor will any benefits be carried forward.

5. The Membership Application is for customers who purchased a minimum of RM350 at the Participating Stores and who chose to sign up with The Membership Program.

6. The Application can be performed by The Member online via The Member portal at to become a Subscriber, to receive sales and promotional notifications.  After achieving Subscriber status, The Member has to meet minimum purchase requirement within a limited time period at Skechers Participating Stores in Malaysia to become a Silver or Gold tier Member.



1. There are two (2) Membership Tiers under the Skechers Membership program – Silver and Gold.

2. Members who meet a minimum spend of RM350 accumulative receipts within three (3) months will be eligible for Silver Membership Tier. Skechers Silver tier will entitle Member a 15% discount on regular-priced footwear & apparel and 10% discount on selected regular-priced accessories for Transactions performed at Skechers Participating Stores.

3. Members who meet the minimum spend of RM850 accumulative receipts within twelve (12) months will be eligible for Gold Membership Tier. Skechers Gold tier will entitle Member a 20% discount on regular-priced footwear & apparel and 10% discount on selected regular-priced accessories for Transactions performed at Skechers Participating Stores.



1. The Silver or Gold Membership Tiers are only valid for 12 months from date of Tier Upgrade.

2. The Membership privileges can only be enjoyed by The Member.  

3. Members need to maintain the minimum spend required in order to maintain validity under the respective Membership Tiers.



1. The Member is entitled to earn Points only after The Member has successfully registered with The Membership Program as a Silver or Gold Member and Points earning is effective from the next Transaction.

2. Points lifecycle will expire by 31st March of the following year, taking the below examples:

i) Points issued on 31st December 2020 will expire 31st March 2021.

ii) Points issued on 1st January 2021 will expire 31st March 2022.

iii) Points issued on 7th June 2021 will expire 31st March 2022.

3. The Member is entitled to earn 1 Point for every RM1 spent on purchases transacted by The Member via selected Skechers Participating Stores in Malaysia except City Outlets and Outlets.

4. No Membership Points collection is allowed on top of usage with other selected on-going promotional offers or any external cards’ offers or partners’ cards.   

5. The Member must be present at the time of Transaction to earn Points. No Points earning will be allowed if The Member is not present at the time of Transaction.

6. Personal data such as mobile number will be requested for verification purposes.

7. Points earning is allowed on the nett spending amount when any other external non-Skechers membership-related discount vouchers are being used and this will consist of but not limited to Skechers promotional vouchers, Skechers discounts, any form of external brand’s joint partnership vouchers, other brand partner’s vouchers, shopping mall or Landlord vouchers.

For example: RM350 products with usage of RM50 discount voucher = RM300 nett payment = 300 points

8. Members can earn full Points (total amount before voucher usage) from using Skechers Cash Vouchers (Cash Vouchers that are sold by The Company or given as part of any sponsorships via The Company’s partners and affiliates) as part of payment mode during Transaction.

For example: RM350 products with usage of RM50 cash voucher = RM300 nett payment = 300 points from nett payment + 50 points from cash voucher = total 350 points

9. The Company reserves the rights at any time to disallow Points earning for any on-going promotions, sales or offers without prior notice.



1. To be eligible for redemption of Points, the accumulation of Points must be minimum 180 Points (for Gold tier) to be entitled for redemption of e-Vouchers worth RM20 and minimum 200 Points (for Silver tier) to be entitled for redemption of e-Vouchers worth RM20.

2. Redemption of Points are allowed at all Participating Stores and Member must be present at the Participating Stores to redeem the Points at any one time.

3. Personal data or mobile number may be required at time of redemption for verification purposes.

4. Points accumulated are not exchangeable for cash or equivalent.



1. Members under the Silver tier will be entitled a 15% discount on regular-priced footwear & apparel and 10% discount on selected regular-priced accessories at the Participating Stores.

2. Members under the Gold tier will be entitled a 20% discount on regular-priced footwear & apparel and 10% discount on selected regular-priced accessories at the Participating Stores.

3. 2X Points will be awarded on the 1st Transaction on The Member’s birthday month.

4. There will not be Member discounts issued for Transactions performed at the Outlet area within Skechers City Outlets, Skechers Outlets / Premium Outlets, Skechers Consignment Counters within department stores and Skechers temporary Pop-Up Stores/fairs.



1. Membership is valid for 1 year from date of sign up.   

2. Reminders will be sent via Electronic Email as a form of notification to Members whose Membership are nearing to expiry.  

3. For Skechers Members who opt not to be reached via the communication channels, they can log in to access to The Membership account to update The Membership details.

4. All accumulated Points or existing Membership Tier will be forfeited upon Membership expiry.

5. A new Membership cycle will commence from the date of new Membership commencement via another Transaction upon meeting the minimum spend after Membership’s expiry.



1. All Membership Welcome e-Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of sign up and is only valid for one (1) Transaction only.

2. Only 1 Welcome e-Voucher will be issued per new Silver Member at the point of Sign Up / Registration or initial upgrade.

3. There will not be any RM30 Welcome e-Vouchers re-issued for subsequent Silver Membership Tier upgrades and downgrades.

4. Welcome e-Vouchers issued to Silver Tier Members are valued at RM30 and Welcome e-Vouchers issued to Gold Tier Members are valued at RM50. Welcome e-Vouchers are to be used within the expiry date on purchase of merchandise at Skechers Participating Stores.

5. E-Vouchers redeemed via Member Points collection will be entitled for use via Transactions across all merchandise at the Participating Stores in Malaysia except Department Stores, Shop in shops, multi-brand stores, and temporary pop-up stores/fairs.   

6. E-Vouchers that are expired will not be amended nor refunded to The Member.

7. E-Vouchers that were issued to Member will not be credited back to The Member’s account on any voided Transactions or Transactions that were refunded to Member.

8. Gold members will be credited RM50 e-Voucher per renewal of Gold Membership. This renewal is achieved when Member accumulated RM850 nett spend within The Membership active cycle (12 months).

9. Only 1 gift/welcome e-voucher can be redeemed per transaction. Redemption of multiple e-vouchers in a single receipt will NOT be allowed. (Effective from 3 July 2023)



1. The Members may, at any time, terminate The Membership before the expiry date by official written notice to Skechers Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. at Suite 18.02-08, Level 18, Menara Exchange 106, Lingkaran TRX, Tun Razak Exchange, 55188 Kuala Lumpur or email to Customer Service at

2. Termination and cancellation processes may take up to seven (7) days from the date the request was received.

3. In the event of an early termination, the date it was terminated will serve as the actual termination date.  

4. The Membership may be terminated in the event of any breach of the terms and conditions contained herein.

5. The Company reserves the rights to terminate The Membership if found to be shared by The Member to the other parties other than The Member for example The Member’s family, relatives, affiliates, business associates, friends and etc.

6. Upon termination of The Membership either by The Member or by The Company, The Member shall not attempt to utilize The Membership after it has been terminated as such acts shall be deemed as fraudulent.

7. Upon the termination or cancellation of The Membership account, all Membership benefits including but not limited to Points and active current Member vouchers will be forfeited and Member shall have no further claim against The Company.



1. The Membership is the sole property of Skechers Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

2. Notwithstanding any other provisions herein, if The Membership privileges have been wrongfully or fraudulently utilised, The Member shall be liable to refund The Company the value of the said privileges without dispute.

3. Any dispute on The Membership privileges shall be notified to The Company within 14 days from the date that the dispute had taken place.

4. The Company reserves the rights to amend, reserve and / or withdraw any of The Membership Applications or privileges without prior notice.

5. The Company is entitled at any time, with absolute discretion without liability to The Member, to request for identification, suspend or terminate The Membership should any of The Membership privileges be abused.

6. The Member shall indemnify and hold The Company harmless against any liability or loss, penalty, damage, costs and expenses, including but not limited to legal costs, arising directly or indirectly from any breach on the part of The Member in using The Membership and non-compliance or observation of the terms and conditions.



1. By signing up as a Subscriber online or with The Membership program, you are agreeable that Skechers as a company shall be entitled to disclose personal particulars to the cooperatives and the organizations affiliated or related to The Company.

2. The Subscriber and Member agrees to allow Skechers Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. to use the Subscriber’s and Member’s contact details and personal details in order to facilitate any forms of communications or The Membership privileges and the entitlements contained within the Skechers communications or The Membership program.



1. Skechers Malaysia respects The Member’s privacy and recognises that the personal data is important to The Member.

2. The Company collects, uses and discloses The Member’s personal data for the purposes of providing updates on the promotions, entitlements and services to The Member, to enhance The Member’s shopping experiences with The Company and also as steps taken to improve the products and its services.